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Welcome - Please Note that Matthew is now Donating ALL the Proceeds from the Sale of his Book and his Continuing Education Courses to the Acupuncture Now Foundation to Help Fund Public Education Campaigns about Acupuncture. Please Support the ANF and Educating the Public with Your Purchase or Consider Donating to the ANF. Go to for more information.  

Have you ever wished you had an experienced Acupuncturist you could lean-on for both clinical and business advice? My goal is to do all I can to help those entering the Licensed Acupuncturist profession build successful practices. It is my belief that most of those who graduate from our formal training programs can build successful and rewarding practices once they learn some additional information based on real-world experience.

I developed this site to support the efforts I am making in publishing my book "Making Acupuncture Pay; Real World Advise for Successful Private Practice". Here, I offer support for applying the "Middle Way" model described in my book and articles. You can do this. I will help and so will others who contribute here.

Take some time to learn more by exploring this site. You can start by downloading  the Table of Contents and four of the first five chapters. Also make sure to check-out the information archived in the Forum. Although this section is no longer actively accepting new comments, there are 6 pages of helpful dialog there about many common practice related issues. We closed the Forum because many preferred to communicate via our Facebook page. Please "Like" that page to join-in as more than 1,100 of your colleagues have. Whether you are a student, just starting a practice, or currently manage a practice, the more we share our knowledge the better for ourselves and our patients. We also offer low price CEU/PDAs!

Here is what your colleagues are saying about Making Acupuncture Pay:

“Not strictly a clinical guide, or a business book, or a political treatise, but rather an original fusion of the most important aspects of all three, "Making Acupuncture Pay" should be required reading for every student of acupuncture, for any acupuncturist who’s struggling to make a practice work, and well, for any acupuncturist…PERIOD!”- Brent Ottley, L.Ac.

“This book should be required reading before one enrolls in acupuncture school, as each chapter addresses the fundamental concepts and realistic prospects of the graduate earning a living as an acupuncturist.”- Pamela Howard, acupuncture student
Matthew D. Bauer, L.Ac.
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Continuing Educations Courses are now available! Be sure to click the CEU/PDA tab above the header to find out about my three new CEU/PDA courses. These courses are now fully automated with the certificate available for downloading after passing the quiz and all proceeds go to funding the Acupuncture Now Foundation!


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